Club Penguin Island Heroes

Wow I was so young and immature when I was maintaining this website xD No wonder nobody wanted to read it. Well, since Club Penguin is shutting down, and Club Penguin Island is taking it’s place, I decided to join the community once again and launch a new website!

I present to you… Club Penguin Island Heroes!



This is the backup in case, for some reason, the edublogs version stops working!



Switched removed!!!

I need a new url!!! Do you know a good place where I can make one?

Go to!!!


You probally seen “Testbone” waddling around… NO he is NOT a beta tester! He will be used to check NEW CONTENT for bugs. HE tests the new content so WE can tell the CP team about them! As long as bugs are not for members only xD


We have created a shoutbox!

If it isnt working, it may be in matnence.

New url!

This site is hosted on 2 urls

The NEW url is:

Weird glitch

I logged in and saw I have 9 messages…. I checked, and it showed I had NONE!!! Then I lost connection!!! I logged back it, and had 9 messages EXACTLY!!!

Has this ever happened to you? Let us know in the comments!